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Lakeside Jazz volunteers will use this page to signup for jobs for the festival.  Student volunteers will need to signup for 3- 3 hour shifts to be eligible for a scholarship.  Along with that, each student hoping to receive a scholarship will need an adult to work 2- 3 hour shifts on their behalf.  Scholarships are available to Atlantic High School and Spruce Creek High School students.  

Please signup by March 20th, 2023!

All students volunteers will be required to bring two 12-packs of soda and a case of water.  Specific brands will be asked for.  Please only buy what is assigned to you.  

Job Descriptions

Below you will find, description to each job at Lakeside.  Please take the time to read through the descriptions and pick the job that best fits you!


All signups for parent volunteers and student volunteers will be done through signup genius.  Links are below! 


Students: Students now need to contact the leadership from Atlantic or Spruce Creek High School for spots now and should not use the signup genius.

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Lakeside Jazz Job Descriptions 

All parent jobs include chaperoning and monitoring student behavior that are working with you. Please make sure students are on task and not impeding the flow of events. All jobs overlap! Please do not leave your post until you have trained and supervised your replacement doing your job extremely well. 

All volunteers (parents and students) will check-in at the Command Center with the Volunteer Check-in parent. 


Student and Parent Jobs 

Setup- Thursday Only 

The setup crew will work all day on Thursday to prepare for the festival The setup includes the following areas: 

  • VIP Area 

  • Command Center  

  • Judges Areas for café and Main stage 

  • Café Stage Warmup Area 

  • Café Stage 

  • Café Stage judge critique area 

  • Main Stage Warmup Area 

  • Main Stage 

  • Main Stage critique area 

  • Souvenir booth



  • Band Guides (Student Only) 

  • Volunteer and Band Check-in (Parents and Students) 

  • Command Center (Parents and Students) 

  • Concessions (Parents and Students) 

  • Souvenir Sales (Parents and Students) 

  • Extra Parent/ Students 

  • Stage Crew (Student Only) 

  • Judge Runners (Student Only) 

  • Hydration Station (Student Only) 

  • Photographer (Student Only) 

  • Recording Tent Café Stage (Student Only) 

  • Recording Tent Main Stage (Student Only) 

Parent  and Student Jobs  

Command Center and Band Check-in 

Parents will oversee checking in all bands as they arrive at Lakeside Jazz. This is one of the most important jobs that we have. Be extremely nice and pleasant. You will help set the tone for all performers and staff members for our festival. Some instructors will be stressed out but be pleasant with them, PLEASE!!!! 

Band Check-in--What you will be doing: 

  • Check in bands and give directors badges out. 

  • Assign a student guide to each band. 

  • Collect music scores from directors. 

  • Have Directors fill out announcement Sheets (if needed) 

  • Have directors fill out setup sheets and percussion needs. (if needed) 

  • Have student take scores, announcement sheet and setup sheets to the command center. 


Command Center—What you will be doing: 

  • Have students take scores to the judges. 

  • Have a member of the stage crew collect the announcement sheet and setup sheet. 

  • Collect scores and judge’s comments for each judge after each performance (this includes both stages 

  • Upload judge comments to a computer during the lunch break and the dinner break.  

  • Organize awards and plaques at the end of each night.  

Volunteer Check-in 

Parents will oversee all volunteer check-ins for students and parents. This position should be only for parents that have worked the festival previously and know the staffing needs of the festival. 

What you will be doing: 

  • Keeping an accurate record of which volunteers show up for their shifts. 

  • Contact any students or parents that did not show up for their shift. 

  • Rearrange volunteers as needed if short in some areas. 

  • Assign floater parents to specific areas of need. 

VIP Area 

The VIP area is where the judges and the directors will be eating lunch and dinner. 

What you will be doing: 

  • Clean and organize food for the judges and directors. 

  • Monitor food levels. Replace or throw away items that look old. 

  • Remove items that have been out for more than 4 hours. 

  • Fill soda coolers from concessions. 

  • Clean and organize the VIP after lunch and dinner. 


Parents will run and handle all parts of concessions. Students are not allowed to handle money. You will help facilitate the sales of items. 

What you will be doing: 

  • Handle all cash from customers. (parents only) 

  • Assign students to work specific parts of concessions. 

  • Clean and organize products. 

  • Keep watch of inventory and fill items when needed. 

  • Communicate with the parents running the grill about product and product needs. 

  • Do not open all products at once. Some items may be returnable depending on what exactly they are. 

  • Keep the area clean and free of mess. 

  • Do not allow students to eat in this area. 

  • Clean as you go. 

Souvenir Sales 

Lakeside jazz has a souvenir booth. You will monitor sales and collect money! 

  • Students do not handle any of the money.   

Extra Parent/Floater 

You will be sent to help at any area that we need you. Most likely you will be used at concession or helping with transitions of food in the VIP area. 

Student Only Job Descriptions 

Stage Crew (Student Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  • Using dedicated stage crew, black shirts, students will work behind the stage and be in charge of moving equipment, chairs, stands, jazz fronts, and helping to set up equipment and sound systems. This job will be split evenly between both the Café and Main stage. Ensure... 

  • Only volunteers with the stage crew shirts can be a part of stage crew. 

  • At least some members of stage crew need to understand how to operate equipment (amps, cords, etc.). 

  • Volunteers change the stage efficiently and quietly. 


Band Guides (Student Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  • Being a band guide is very important to making Lakeside run smoothly. Band guides will be assigned to a band as they check-in, and the guides must stay with that band for their entire stay. Ensure… 

  • 2 band guides are assigned to each band; therefore, if equipment or help is needed, at least one volunteer is with the band. 

  • Band guides will wait with the check-in volunteers to be assigned a band by them. 


  • Guides are welcoming and kind to the bands. 

  • Help manage time and get the bands to where they need to be on time. 

  • Band guides must know the basic layout of the city center, and where to bring each band. 


Judge Runners (Student Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  • Runners will… 

  • Take scores, judge sheets, and recording devices from judge tents to command center, and vice versa 

  • Grab things for judges such as water, and anything needed  

  • Everything must be done with a quickness 


Hydration Station (Student Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  • Volunteers at the various hydration stations will remain at their designated water station. Here, their job entails… 

  • Keeping the water jugs filled. 

  • Keeping the water clean and sanitary. 

  • Ensuring bands get water as they walk by (it will be very hot, and they will most likely be in suits). 


Photographer (Student Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  • Photographers will be specifically designated during the Lakeside Festival. These students will… 

  • Take quality pictures of bands, volunteers, and the scenery.  

  • Be able to share and export the photos to Mr. Martin so he can properly share them to students and parents.  


Recording Tent Café Stage (Student Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  •  In charge of recording each bands performance then uploading the recordings to the google drive.  

  • There will be a QR code at your table and you will direct students and parents to purchase copies of their groups performance on the Lakeside website.

  • Recordings will be emailed the week after the performance.


Recording Tent Main Stage (Student Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  •  In charge of recording each bands performance then uploading the recordings to the google drive.  

  • There will be a QR code at your table and you will direct students and parents to purchase copies of their groups performance on the Lakeside website.

  • Recordings will be emailed the week after the performance.


Parking (Students Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  • With two volunteers per parking lot, students will… 

  • Help guide cars to the correct parking lots (handicap vs. non-handicap) 

  • Ensure parking runs smoothly and there are no build ups. 

  • Ensure that people parking in handicap are validified.  


Floaters/Extra (Student Only) 

What you will be doing: 

  • Extra students will be flexible and more to jobs that require more volunteers, depending on how the days go by. These students will... 

  • Sometimes double as sanitation station volunteers and will ensure that the festival is clean and tidy with no lingering litter.  

  • Have easy communication with upper leadership to ensure placement into under-crewed jobs occurs.  


Breakdown Crew (Saturday Only) 

This shift will begin at 6:00pm on Saturday night and will run until everything is packed away. Below is the suggested schedule for breaking down. 

What you will be doing: 

  • Café Stage Warmup Area (breakdown 4:00pm) 

  • Café Stage (breakdown 5:00pm) 

  • Judges Areas for café and Main stage (breakdown 4:00pm) 

  • Main Stage Warmup Area (Breakdown 4:00pm) 

  • Café Stage judge critique area (Breakdown 4:30pm) 

  • Concessions (Breakdown 7:30pm) 

  • VIP Area (Breakdown 7:30) 

  • Main Stage critique area (breakdown 7:30) 

  • Main Stage Break (down 8:00ish) 

  • Command Center (break down 8:30ish) 

  • Pack up all items from Lakeside- 9:00ish- till done 

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